Art Classes

painting and drawing classes in Barcelona


Taller de 4 Pintors is an Art School in Barcelona where drawing and painting classes for adults and youth are taught. All levels and maximum variety of techniques, themes and styles.

Original and sketch preparation


This course will introduce you to the world of professional illustration, showing you its diversity of applications and great potential. The workshops are designed to encourage speed in generating ideas and immediate creation of illustrations.

Dibujo con modelo en Barcelona


The human body is one of the most evocative themes of the arts. At the Taller itself, we have live model sessions. Any drawing or painting technique is accepted.

Clases de técnica mixta en Barcelona

COLLAGE and PAINTING. Mixed media

The painting combination with a characteristic procedure of modern art as it is the “collage” results in a mixed technique that offers great plasticity effects.

Cargol de mar. Tècnica mixta, matèria sobre fusta. Escola de pintura


Modern art has introduced interest in all kinds of materials, which creates new textures that enhance the plasticity of the work.

Curs de pintura en tècnica mixta sobre foto


This workshop will lead us to obtain paintings from photographs, although not copying them but by painting directly on them, with acrylic paint and using different ways so to get a pictorial result.

Lluvia. Dibujo a tinta y acrílico sobre papel. Curso arte 4 Pintors


Ink is probably the drawing technique that allows the greatest contrast and therefore, high expressivity. We can experimentally work up to reveal new possibilities from it.

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