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Agustí Roca
SUMMER. Oil on canvas. 130×162 cm.

1. SUMMER. Oil on canvas. 130x162 cm. Painting classes in Barcelona
1. SUMMER. Oil on canvas. 130×162 cm.
2. SUMMER. Sketch. 10x12 cm. Painting courses in Barcelona
2. SUMMER. Sketch. 10×12 cm.

The painting SUMMER (1) is an oil work on linen fabric mounted on a wooden frame of 130×162 cm. (100F).
To reinforce the oil appearance, powdered marble was added to the painting.
The title is not descriptive, but barely evocative and has been given afterwards because the colors of the painting may remind of a summer atmosphere.
The image source is located on a small photo published in a magazine, manipulated with wax crayons (water-soluble color bars “Neocolor II” Caran D’Ache) with the intention of turning it into an abstract mini-sketch (10×12 cm.)(2).  The final picture is an extension of this outline to which some changes have been added.

Agustí Roca
NIGHTTIME. Oil on canvas. 130×162 cm.

1. NIGHTTIME. Oil on canvas. 130x162 cm. Drawing classes in Barcelona
1. NIGHTTIME. Oil on canvas. 130×162 cm.
2. NIGHTTIME. Sketch. 7,5x9,5 cm. Drawing Courses in Barcelona
2. NIGHTTIME. Sketch. 7,5×9,5 cm.

The above comment is also applicable to this work (1), only changing the title. The outline here is even smaller (7,5×9,5 cm.)(2).

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