TALLER 4 PINTORS. Works in focus

Agustí Roca
BANK HOLIDAY. Oil on canvas. 114×162 cm.

1. BANK HOLIDAY. Oil on canvas. 114x162 cm. Painting School Barcelona
1. BANK HOLIDAY. Oil on canvas. 114×162 cm.
2. BANK HOLIDAY. Sketch. 29,7x42 cm. Painting academy in Barcelona
2. BANK HOLIDAY. Sketch. 29,7×42 cm.
3. LANDSCAPE. Sketch. 29,7x42 cm. Drawing school in Barcelona
3. LANDSCAPE. Sketch. 29,7×42 cm.

This work (1) evolves from a previous one, a collage (DIN-A3 paper. Size: 29,7×42 cm) (2), which in turn comes from an ink drawing on paper (same size and made with a regular writing roller ball pen) representing an invented landscape with a slightly cubist style (3). The first ink drawing has been photocopied on a previously stained watercolor paper. Then we have added the acrylic white spots and stuck some different papers. The picture is an extension of the work on paper.

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