Creative INK DRAWING Classes

Art Courses at TALLER DE 4 PINTORS Art School in Barcelona. July 2020

Ink is probably the drawing technique that allows the greatest contrast and therefore, high expressivity. We can experimentally work up to reveal new possibilities from it.
The method we apply serve as an introduction to the use of chance in creating visual shapes. It consists on randomly staining papers with indian ink, then submitting them to the direct action of water. Once being dried, the results will be observed so as to let our perception identify the possible images. Some finishing touches of acrylic colors may work to clarify the created composition.
Teacher: Agustí Roca.

Lluvia. Dibujo a tinta y acrílico sobre papel. Curso arte 4 Pintors
Flores. Tinta y acrílico sobre papel. Curso en Barcelona
Dibujo con formas orgánicas a tinta sobre papel. Taller de 4 Pintors
Figura con flores. Tinta, acrílico, papel. Clases en Barcelona
Dos figuras. Tinta, acrílico, papel. Clases arte BCN
Ojo-flor-pájaro. Mixta con tinta, papel. Alumno 4 Pintors
Curso de dibujo a TINTA en Barcelona. Perfil de mujer
Clases de DIBUJO A TINTA en Barcelona. Venecia
Classes de dibuix a TINTA a Barcelona. Home a terra
Clase de dibujo a tinta en Barcelona


A 5 hour Ink Drawing monographic course. Morning or afternoon schedule.

Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th July 2020

  • Morning Group → 10:30am to 1pm
  • Afternoon Group → 4:30pm to 7pm

PRICE: 70 €. Material included.

(It’s necessary to book in advance).

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