Painting and Drawing Academy Barcelona


Nuria Balcells
L’ABEILLE. Mixed Media on wood. 82×120 cm.
LLORET. Mixed Media on wood. 40×120 cm.

1. L'ABEILLE. Mixed Media on wood. Painting Classes Barcelona
1. L’ABEILLE. Mixed Media on wood. 82×120 cm.
2. LLORET. Mixed Media. Painting School Barcelona
2. LLORET. Mixed Media on wood. 40×120 cm.
3. The ship WATT. Original. Painting-Drawing course
3. The ship WATT. Original
4. The ship WATT. Original. Drawing in Barcelona
4. The ship WATT. Original

The paintings of the WATT series by Nuria Balcells (1, 2) are part of a set of variations based on the image of a ship seen from above, and draw attention due to the use of collage, which combines with acrylics and pastel colors so to find a chromatic harmony. The original ship that has served as a model for this series of paintings is a prototype created almost a century ago as an entertainment by the grandfather of the artist, who was an engineer and an amateur artist, who named it WATT (3, 4). The papers used for the collage are also old documents found in her grandparents’ house and where you can see names or words, that broke to pieces now serve to give title to the paintings, names of ancient taxes or forgotten business, as maybe L’ABEILLE, all sailing an indefinite sea …

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