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TALLER DE 4 PINTORS Barcelona. Art Courses

Agustí Roca
SMALL FORMAT LANDSCAPES. Mixed Media on wood. Size: 25×33 cm.

Clase de técnica mixta. Tronco rojo. Acrílico, collage, tinta, madera. Barcelona
Clases de pintura en collage, acrílico y tinta en Barcelona. Obra de Agustí Roca
Pintura de paisaje en técnica mixta en las clases de Barcelona
Quadre de tema de paisatge en pintura acrílica i tinta a classes de BARCELONA
Aprender pintura acrílica y paisaje en Barcelona. Escuela de Arte
Cursos de pintura en tècnica mixta a Barcelona
Obra en pintura acrílica sobre madera. Clases de arte en Barcelona
Pintura en técnica mixta sobre tabla. Curso en Barcelona

A series of small paintings, all the same size and identical supports. They depict landscapes or rather evoke it because they are completely contrived and some tend to abstraction.
The basic technique is acrylic applied to an ink drawing done on unprepared wood (though some boards had indeed received a coat of primer). Above were added papers in collage or wax touches (soluble colors bars Neocolor II). Excerpts of own drawings have often been used for the collage providing a different texture.

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