4 PINTORS Barcelona Art Courses. July 2020

This workshop will lead us to obtain paintings from photographs, although not copying them but by painting directly on them, with acrylic paint and using different ways so to get a pictorial result.
In some cases, the original subject remains but giving it a different turn. You can also selectively cover some photo details to enhance other… Be that as it may, the initial idea will become a completely new artistic work.
Teacher: Agustí Roca.

Curs de pintura en tècnica mixta sobre foto
Curs de pintura tècnica mixta sobre foto
Pintar fotos, clases de arte Barcelona
Pintar fotos. Clases de arte
Pintura de foto en clase de arte en Barcelona
Pintura de foto en clase de arte en Barcelona
Classe de pintura sobre foto a Barcelona
Foto per pintar a classe d'art
Classes de pintar fotos a Barcelona TALLER
Cursos de pintar fotos a Barcelona


A 5 hour Painting on Photos monographic course. Morning or afternoon schedule.

Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th July 2020

  • Morning Group → 10:30am to 1pm
  • Afternoon Group → 4:30pm to 7pm

PRICE: 70 €. Material included.

(It’s necessary to book in advance).

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Also available in: Español Català Français