This workshop will lead us to obtain paintings from photographs, although not copying them but by painting directly on them, with acrylic paint and using different ways so to get a pictorial result.
In some cases, the original subject remains but giving it a different turn. You can also selectively cover some photo details to enhance other… Be that as it may, the initial idea will become a completely new artistic work.
Teacher: Agustí Roca.

  • Program:
    1. Painting on a photographic image while maintaining its original composition.
    The aim will be trying to turn the scene shown in the photograph into something pictorial.
    2. Pictorially manipulation of a photo to make visible something else.
    Closely looking at a picture so to catch a glimpse at a different shape.
    3. Abstract Creation.
    The aim is to create an abstract painting using a photograph as a base.
    4. Final Project.
    Each student will decide on the style they wish to give their piece.

PAINTING on PHOTOS technique goes into the general schedule of hours/prices of DRAWING and PAINTING classes that you can see below.


10:30am to 1:30pm
10:30am to 1:30pm
10:30am to 1:30pm
4pm to 8pm
4pm to 8pm
4pm to 7pm

PRICES 2019: Option 1

Registration fee: 60 €.
Monthly payments according to the chosen number of hours per month (calendar months):

  • 8 hours/month (2 hours/week) → 78 €/month
  • 12 hours/month (3 h./week) → 90 €/month
  • 16 hours/month (4 h./week) → 100 €/month
  • 24 hours/month (6 h./week) → 115 €/month
  • 36 hours/month (9 h./week) → 138 €/month
  • Unlimited quota (possibility to attend classes every day at the hours shownabove) → 175 €/month.

These monthly hours can be distributed in different ways. For instance: 16 hours/month could be 4 hours/week for a month, or 8 hours/week in a fortnight, and so on.

Youngsters up to 30 years old: 10% discount on all monthly payments.

PRICES 2019: Option 2

No registration fee.
Fees according to total number of class hours:

  • 12 hours → 120 €
  • 16 hours → 135 €
  • 24 hours → 157 €
  • 36 hours → 172 €

The total hours will be taken, at most, within one month, counting from the first class.
It is the most suitable option for a short stay at the School (between one week to two months).

Youngsters up to 30 years old: 10% discount.

Also available in: Español Català Français