Workshop on MIXED MEDIA

The painting combination with a characteristic procedure of modern art as it is the “collage” results in a mixed technique that offers great plasticity effects.
All kind of papers, photos, etc. will interact on this workshop with the paint for expressive and personal compositions.
Teacher: Nuria Balcells.

HOURS Collage

  • Thursday (October to June) → 11am to 1:30pm
You can start whenever you want, because our classes are personalized and adapt to your rhythm.

PRICES Collage

  • Option 1 (calendar months):
    • Registration fee: 60 €.
    • Monthly payment: 95 €.
  • Option 2 (10 hours pack):
    • No registration fee.
    • Monthly payment: 125 €.

Reduced price: 60 €/month (offered in case of attending also to Drawing and/or Painting classes during the same period time).
Youngsters up to 30 years old: 10% discount on all monthly payments (if reduced price is not applied).
COLLAGE-PAINTING Classes at Taller 4 Pintors, Barcelona
COLLAGE-PAINTING Class at Taller 4 Pintors
Collage in paper on wood
ABSTRACT COLLAGE. Art Courses in Barcelona
Flower in mixed media, student artwork at Taller 4 Pintors, Barcelona
White Flower. Acrylic, collage
Still Life. Mixed media: collage, painting, pastel. Courses in Barcelona
Student artwork in acrylic and collage on canvas. 4 Pintors Barcelona
Mixed media, canvas. Art Classes in Barcelona
Composition in paper collage. Taller 4 Pintors
Flower. Paper Collage

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