Drawing and Painting Classes in Barcelona

Agustí Roca
THE KITCHEN. Oil on canvas. 114×146 cm.

1. THE KITCHEN. Oil on canvas. 114x146 cm. Figurative painting classes
1. THE KITCHEN. Oil on canvas. 114×146 cm.
2. THE KITCHEN. Sketch. 50x70 cm. Courses on oil sketches from life
2. THE KITCHEN. Sketch. 50×70 cm.
3. THE KITCHEN. Sketch. 40x34 cm. Realistic drawing school
3. THE KITCHEN. Sketch. 40×34 cm.

This painting (1) and its previous sketch (oil on paper, 50×70 cm.)(2) have been both made at the studio from a photo taken by the author.  Also a drawing has been done directly from life (40×34 cm.)(3).

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