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Agustí Roca
PORTRAIT. Acrylic and ink on paper assembled on frame. 130×97 cm.

Mixed media on paper. Painting course Barcelona
1. PORTRAIT. Mixed media on paper. 130×97 cm.

First of all, covering the whole picture with random patches of acrylic painting. Next, adding more random spots, but this time with ink applied with rags, sponges and also splashing it. So far for the base preparation.
Then, with ink and pen, a whole filigree is done by emphasizing or extending previous casual forms of ink and paint.
Now it’s as if there were two layers, since a linear network is vibrating over an area of pictorial character. But this one is visually stronger, so that it is imposed on the other that is barely noticeable from a distance. The overall effect is that of a formless abstraction.
If we look closely at this network of spots and lines searching for “stuff”, we will soon see human figures, plants, animals and objects. We will have to choose the most interesting and polish it up with ink and pen.
Once defined the drawing, we will quit the ink and resume using the acrylic that we will work very carefully now so that the picture will appear all together, taking into account the whole work, while slowly specifying the details.
In short, this has been the implementation process of this invented portrait.

Mixed media class
2. PORTRAIT. Mixed media on paper. Detail

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