TALLER DE 4 PINTORS Barcelona Painting School

Agustí Roca
PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS. Acrylic/ink on paper. Different sizes.

Double figurative series: acrylic paintings and ink drawings on paper that portray different invented topics.
Some spots and initial color or black ink splashes, purely random applied, have suggested shapes or compositions to the artist’s imagination, which then he had tried to set plastically. It is an intuitive working method making use of chance to evoke and bring to light images or ideas that may already existed without form in the author’s mind.
Some of these works could be used as illustrations, and indeed all of them are more or less narrative, but both their original dimensions as well as the glossy effect of the ink and the acrylic paint on the coated paper that is the usually employed support, without a doubt bring them closer to painting art.

Jarrón con flores. Técnicas de arte en 4 Pintors Barcelona
TURQUOISE PORTRAIT Painting of Agustí Roca, teacher at School 4 Pintors
Figura al bosc. Quadre en acrílic d'Agustí Roca, Barcelona
PORTRAIT Agustí Roca painting. 4 Pintors Barcelona
Jarrón con flores. Dibujo a tinta de Agustí Roca. 4 PINTORS Barcelona
EL HORIZONTE DEL REY Tinta china sobre papel estucado. 100x70 cm. Agustí Roca
EL MENSAJERO Tinta y papel. Agustí Roca. Escuela de Dibujo en Barcelona
PORTRAIT Figure ink drawing. Classes in Barcelona
Juegos y máscaras. Dibujo a tinta. Academia 4 Pintors. Agustí Roca
SOMNI Il·lustració a tinta. Agustí Roca. Barcelona

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