Taller de 4 Pintors is an Art School in Barcelona where drawing and painting classes for adults and youth are taught.
All levels and maximum variety of techniques and styles (oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, collage… pencil drawing, ink, charcoal, chalk… figurative and abstract painting…).
Our teaching is based on study from life. Observation and representation of reality provides necessary conceptual basis for artistic practice.
With our personalized teaching each student advances from his level at his own pace and without following courses with a unique program for everyone. So you can start whenever you want and choose the time combination that suits you best.
DRAWING-PAINTING Beginners classes: Custom Workshops to start drawing and/or painting. The program is adapted to meet the availability of each student.

HOURS (from September to July)

10:30am to 1:30pm
10:30am to 1:30pm
10:30am to 1:30pm
4pm to 8pm
4pm to 8pm
4pm to 6pm

PRICES 2019-20: Option 1

Registration fee: 60 €.
Monthly payments according to the chosen number of hours per week (calendar months):

  • 2 hours/week → 79 €/month
  • 3 hours/week → 91 €/month
  • 4 hours/week → 101 €/month
  • 6 hours/week → 116 €/month
  • 9 hours/week → 140 €/month
  • Unlimited quota (possibility to attend classes every day at the hours shown above) → 180 €/month

Youngsters up to 30 years old: 10% discount on all monthly payments.

PRICES 2019-20: Option 2

No registration fee.
Fees according to total number of class hours:

  • 12 hours → 122 €
  • 16 hours → 137 €
  • 24 hours → 159 €
  • 36 hours → 175 €

The total hours will be taken, at most, within one month, counting from the first class.
It is the most suitable option for a short stay at the School (between one week to two months).

Youngsters up to 30 years old: 10% discount.

painting and drawing classes Barcelona
Art Classes at TALLER DE 4 PINTORS Barcelona

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